Guidelines For Experimentation In Web Design

Web Design, Editorial, Writing
Design is becoming more and more standardized. With the influx of web design templates and five-minute logo makers, our visual world is continually losing variance. Simplicity and usability are seemingly the be-all and end-all solution. As large corporations are becoming more and more acclimated to design having a seat at the table, a desire to standardize its practice has intensified.
    Through the short 30 year lifespan of the web, it has gone from the wild-west of anarchic creativity to an sterile landscape of monotony. “Web Design Standards,” standards to which websites should look and behave, have become celestial for web designers. Conceived by billion-dollar tech monopolies, these “Standards” have used the quest of the minimal viable product as a reason to sacrifice a creatively diverse web.
    Guidelines For Experimentation In Web Design, is a resource for designers, developers, and communicators. It’s a digital editorial site that features six guidelines that came out of my research in my senior thesis. Each feature my writing alongside real-world examples with footnotes, and mocks further describing concepts.